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Find out and produce the future.

This course is an exploration of the technology and viewpoint that will certainly form the next 20 pentru a 30 years. We’ll develop our broad view understanding of where the world is going and when. The course will also challenge us to ask some of the deepest questions that we’ll be confronted with in the near future; who are we? what do we really want? and how can we produce exactly what we really want?

Here’s a breakdown of the course’s areas:.

Section 1: Getting going.

In the first section we begin by acquiring a basic understanding of exactly what innovation and approach are and why it is essential that we bring them together.

Section 2: 6 D’s of Exponential Growth.

This area covers the speed and qualities of innovation development. Individuals frequently state that you can not anticipate the future, which is somewhat true, however we can absolutely construct a framework for comprehending our direction more accurately.

Section 3: Technologies & Trends.

In the last section we cover the innovations and trends that will likely have the most significant effects in the next 20 pentru a 30 years. By getting a feel for these and how they come together, we’ll develop more clear vision for the future.

Right here are some of the topics included:.

NanotechnologyHow will the shrinking of our technology change our tools and our world?

Artificial IntelligenceA.I. will completely improve our relationship with computers, our cities, and our lives. Exactly what will this appear like and when?

Immortality & AgingFor the very first time in history, we have the possibility to reprogram our biology far from aging and disease. Exactly what concerns will this pose for us? Exactly what are the steps to beating death?

Web of ThingsExactly what happens when the physical world comes online and ends up being smart?

Augmented & Virtual RealitiesOur technology isn’t something that only exists in the physical reality we’re used to. With virtual and augmented truth, we’re improving the real life and creating totally brand-new worlds.


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Technology Trends

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