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Learn how to compose well-written rhythms and melodies

Music Composition 1 is the first course in a series of two courses that teaches how music is assembled and how to write your very own music. The course is divided into two parts. Part one covers the research of rhythmic composition. Part two covers the research of melodic composition. (Harmony and type will be studied in Music Composition 2).

Course lectures consist generally of video however likewise include some text. Each section of the course covers a certain principle (or related principles). Ideas and compositional strategies are demonstrated throughout the course with genuine musical examples (pictures and audio samples).

Besides lectures, each area of the course likewise contains memory concerns, section test, listening projects, and transcription/composition assignments. Memory concerns serve to summarize and strengthen essential principles found out, while the tests checks the studentsunderstanding and understanding of the material from each section. Students who take this course will get practice transcribing music (hearing a rhythm or a melody and composing it down) as well as learn ways to make use of music notation software. In the composition assignments students will certainly get real life practice utilizing the info and techniques discovered in each area to compose their own rhythms and melodies.

The length of time had to complete the course depends on just how much time is spent each day/week on the product. To complete all the projects in each section, a recommended pace might be 1-2 weeks per area. (There are 21 sections.).

Who should take this course? Every student of music should know ways to make up! It is a sad however real truth that a lot of contemporary music teachers and music courses do not include music composition as part of the studentsmusical education. In the past it was typical for students of music to be able to make up music. The “completemusician can play an instrument, understands music theory AND can likewise make up! If you want to grow your understanding of music, find out to compose it!

Domnul. Peters will certainly be available to address concerns via email on most Wednesday and Friday mornings. Questions must handle music composition topics covered in the course. This is NOT a music theory course and questions about standard music concept will certainly not be answered (see course requirements below for prerequisites for this course). All assignments are to be completed by yourself. If you would like each and every composition task looked over by your teacher and to get comments and idea on them happy contact Mr. Peters about getting this service at an extra cost.


  • Life time access to 119 prelegeri şi 21 quizzes.
  • 3+ ore de conţinut de înaltă calitate.

de Domnul. Jonathan Peters

Music Composition 1

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